Santa’s Giant Talking Postbox


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Tuesday Dec 19th - 3pm to 7pm
Wednesday Dec 20th - 3pm to 7pm
Thursday Dec 21st - 2pm to 6pm
Friday Dec 22nd - 3pm to 7pm
Friday Dec 23rd - 12pm to 4pm

The Apple Market

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Event Location: The Apple Market


A Winterval Icon Returns with a Brand New Twist

Direct from the North Pole, the world's largest postbox will be ready to receive gazillions of your special Santa letters.

But not only does it make sure your requests go straight to Santa, it talks too! Known for its charm and whitty banter, Santa's Giant Talking Postbox would love to have the craic with you!

Go there to post your Santa Letter, or simply take a stroll on by just to see its massiveness. And who knows, this cheeky talking postbox might just start having a conversation with you!

Santa's Giant TALKING postbox is open to receive letters at any time, but is chattiest on Fridays between 3pm and 7pm, and Saturdays & Sundays from noon until 4pm.

(*Note to parents - this postbox likes to know more about you! 😉 Feel free to pass on any information you feel might make your interactive experience more fun and magical for your children by texting - 089 221 2788)

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